to study hastily (sth. written)

to study hastily (sth. written)
فَحَصَ \ check up: to examine sth. and make sure that it is correct or in good order: Please check these accounts, make a check The doors are probably locked, but you had better check up. examine: to look at carefully: The doctor examined my wound, to measure the ability of (a learner) by means of questions, etc. look at. to examine:: My watch won’t go; I must get it looked at look into. to examine (a matter that needs attention):: We’ll look into the question of your pay look through. to study hastily (sth. written):: Look through your notes before the exam test. to examine (sth. or sb.) so as to see whether it is satisfactory:: New machines have to be tested. Examinations test our knowledge.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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